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Cyprien Guiya: African Entrepreneur & Bahá'í

Who am I? Cyprien, the Young African Entrepreneur and Visionary

Today, I find myself settled on my own plot of land in Benin, advocating for peace, social development, entrepreneurship, and the Bahá'í faith. Let me take you back to where it all started, and I'll share with you my journey, my passion, and the resilience that has brought me to where I am now.

My Early Life and Education

I was born on May 20, 1996, in the small village of AZOVE in the Couffo department of Benin. My parents were farmers, and my father was also a taxi driver. Money was tight, but they believed in the importance of education. They sent me to a private school until financial constraints forced them to transfer me to a public school with lower educational standards.

Finding My Passion for Science, Humanity, Languages, and the Bahá'í Faith

From a young age, I felt a deep connection to science and languages, coupled with a profound sense of humanity. I was often troubled by the ethnic and tribal disparities I observed, and I embraced values of peace and unity that continue to guide me today. My journey led me to the Bahá'í faith, which further solidified my dedication to global unity and peace.

Discovering Esperanto

During college, my English teacher introduced me to Esperanto. I was touched by the universal ideals behind this language, and I committed myself to learning it. Though some of my friends and family saw it as an 'inutile' language, I saw in Esperanto a symbol of global unity and peace.

My University Achievements and Activism

At university, I pursued a diploma in Agriculture and continued my commitment to my ideals. I founded an Esperanto club to spread the language's message of peace and unity. I also organized conferences on immigration to highlight the plight of young migrants on the Mediterranean coast. Financial obstacles were there, but my energy and vision never wavered.

My Projects and Current Activities

My story is a testament to perseverance, education, and empathy. With my return to Africa, I'm focusing on building a well on my land, managing the website, and working on my weblog. Inspired by the belief that all things, negative or positive, have meaning, I continue the battle for a better world, filled with hope and belief in the possibility of positive change.