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Update: Groundbreaking Beginnings: Our Journey Commences!

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Your generosity and trust in our vision have laid the first stone in what promises to be a transformative journey for the residents of Godohou village. Here's a glimpse into our initial progress:

  • Location Finalized: After much deliberation, we've zeroed in on the ideal spot for the well in the rural heartland of the Couffo department, precisely in the district of Godohou village Tevihoue (Gougan).

  • Skilled Labor at Hand: We've onboarded experienced local workers who are well-versed with the nuances of manually digging wells. Their expertise, combined with our strategic planning, promises a well with a depth of up to 100 meters!

  • Ecological Considerations: Ensuring that our actions have minimal ecological impact is paramount. We're progressing with a keen eye on maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the local ecosystem.

  • Laying the Infrastructure: Plans for the solar pump system, essential for harnessing solar energy efficiently, are in full swing. Our vision of a sustainable, eco-friendly water source is truly taking shape.

  • Community Engagement: Keeping the local community in the loop is key. We've been conducting regular meetings, addressing concerns, and involving them in the decision-making processes.

The enthusiasm and spirit of the villagers have been nothing short of inspiring. Children, elders, and adults alike eagerly await the day when water will no longer be a distant dream but a close reality.

The road ahead is long, but with milestones like these and your continued support, there's no challenge too great.

Stay tuned for more updates as we dig deeper, both literally and figuratively, into this project. Together, let's water the seeds of growth and prosperity.

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Cyprien Guiya



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